10 Most Popular Blogs From 2014 You May Have Missed

10 Most Popular Blogs From 2014 You May Have Missed


A Happy New Year to you dear blog readers!  I wanted to wrap up the year 2014 by giving you my most popular blogs. Skim over them again if you want to grab a quick motivating refresher, or read them for the first time if you missed any of them.

Here’s the recap of 2014’s Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts:

  1. Collecting Coins: A Pleasant Surprise

The simplest way to save that even kids can do – the power of coins.

  1. Savings – Foundation for Creating Wealth

This blog post kickstarts my series on Savings.  Here I share about the poverty formula and prosperity formula.

Rich people’s way of saving: (Prosperity Formula)

  • Basic:          Income – Love Offering – Savings = Expenses
  • Advance:    Income – Love Offering – Investing = Expenses
  • With Debt: Income – Love Offering – Savings – Investing – Debt Payment = Expenses

8. So Why Do I Need To Save?

This is a follow-up blog to “Savings – Foundation for Creating Wealth” which is about the importance of savings.   We will need to save in order to build our emergency fund, fund our dreams and aspirations and prepare for our retirement.

Food for thought from Chinkee Tan from his book “For Richer For Poorer”:

  • Save for a Rainy Day – Stop expecting the bad things in life
  • Save for a Sunny Day – Retire, travel around the world and enjoy the rest of your life.

7. EPAL Series: 1 – Investing in Mutual Funds

This is the launch of the EPAL Series which you will see more this year, inspired by the movie “Dumb and Dumber”.

6. What Salve Said Touched My Heart

In the seminar “TGFI SG: Investors Boot Camp”, Salve Duplito talked about her roots and the defining moments during her childhood that made her realize that her family is poor and inspired her to strive and work hard for a better life which touched a chord in my heart.

5. Conversations with a Taxi Driver

This captures my interesting conversation with a Taxi Driver revolving around foreign workers in SG, why is there a need for it and the attitude of their younger generation.


  • Give 101% in everything I do in order to produce good quality work I can be proud of.
  • Work hard but save and invest harder to make my 10-year plan a reality.
  • Thank you Mr. Taxi Driver for making my day.  It felt good to be a valuable contributor to this country which I have come to love and consider it my second home.

4. OFW Horror Stories: A Reflection of our Present Situation in Anticipation of the Future

One of my first few blogs in 2014, I wrote this to scare you in a good way to prepare for the future by taking stock of where you are, ensuring proper protection (through insurance and emergency fund) and ensuring a good retirement (through investments and business pursuits).  I, myself, am scared to return back home with either nothing or money will run out during my retirement that’s why I am thankful to have been introduced to financial literacy by one of my friends. I feel that it was the greatest gift she has given me and in turn I am sharing this precious gift to my family and friends.

  1. 12-Month Challenge Template

Requested by a reader (Mega Curacha whom I met in the Pinoy OFWs in Singapore FB group), I developed the 12-Month Challenge Template.  This template has 3 scenarios that you can play around with.

  1. 52-Week Challenge Template

Inspired the 52-Week Challenge Template that was circulating in FB in end-2013 and being the Excel addict that I am, I developed the 52-Week Challenge Excel Template showing 5 scenarios (original – ascending order, with a multiplier, specifies a starting point, same amount on a weekly basis and  descending or reverse order)



  1. Taking the 52-week Challenge

This captures my own journey of taking 52-week challenge in 2013 and some examples of variations of the 52-week challenge.  This year I am embarking again on this journey 🙂

Here’s to a more exciting year full of learnings, savings, investing and giving 🙂

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