10 Most Popular Blogs From 2015 You May Have Missed

10 Most Popular Blogs From 2015 You May Have Missed

A Happy New Year to you dear blog readers!

I wanted to wrap up the year 2015 by sharing with you my most popular blog posts where you may able to get some nuggets of wisdom whether new or refreshing insights.  I hope you enjoy reading them in the same way I enjoyed writing them.

Here’s the recap of 2015’s Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts:


  1. 3 Myths of Investing

Four years of investing in stocks and mutual funds may not be long but it has given me some insights which I want to share you with you.  In this blog post, I shared what are the 3 + 1 bonus myths of investing and the reality or truths based on my own investing journey.

  1. Budgeting – Where Do I Begin?

This article is an answer to a Clueless Newbie in Budgeting on how and where to begin budgeting.

  1. Another Saving System – T. Harv Eker’s JARS Money Management System

In this blog post, I shared about T. Harv Eker’s JARS Money Management System from his book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”.

  1. Book Review: “Kontento ka na ba sa KaPERAhan mo?”

I loved the book because of the different perspective or insight the authors provided when it comes to handling personal finance, where they talked about 4 different type of Money Managers or “Moneygers”, the Story of the Pinoy vs Chinoy Bizman and the Vic Garcia Self-Control Technique of asking the following questions before buying something:

Question 1: Do I want this?
Question 2: Do I need this?
Question 3: Can I afford this?
Question 4: Does God want you to buy this?

  1. Investing in the Philippine Stock Market: A Webinar Conducted by Mr. Aya Laraya

It is my first time to hear and see him conduct a live seminar though technically it is still a webinar so it is not really so live.  Itwas truly worth the wait to hear him speak in a simple language tackling a sometimes technical subject called investing.  I can really sense his humility and his passion for his great advocacy of spreading financial literacy to Filipinos.  Hearing him talk makes me think why some people want to make investing so complicated with all the technical jargons when it can be made easy for the simple Juan Dela Cruz to understand and thus encourage more Filipinos to invest.

  1. Auntie Weng’s 5 Reasons or Excuses Why People Don’t Become Truly Rich

After a lot of self-reflection, understanding and coming to terms with myself I have come up with these 5 reasons why people don’t become truly rich based on my own personal experience.

  1. Silent killers: Tax and Inflation

In this blog post, I shared about the two silent killers which we know but really don’t understand how it impacts our money: tax and inflation.

  1. 2016 52-week Challenge Template

I updated the 52-Week Challenge Excel Template I developed for 2016, based on the original template which circulated in FB in 2013, showing 5 scenarios (original – ascending order, with a multiplier, specifies a starting point, same amount on a weekly basis and descending or reverse order).

Download the template by clicking the link: 2016 52-week challenge template

  1. Moving on: Saving to Investing

Moving forward: the need to invest. Saving or the discipline of saving is the foundation for creating wealth but investing is making that a reality.

  1. Theory 1 for Financial Freedom: Rule of LXXII

The Engineer in me just had to kickstart a series on theories of mathematical equations for Financial Freedom starting out with the Rule of 72 as most of us are not aware when our money will double.

Here’s to a more exciting year full of learnings, savings, investing and giving 🙂

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