18th Apr 2015 – A Day Full of Learning

18th Apr 2015 – A Day Full of Learning

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 Photo courtesy of Richard Macalintal

 18th Apr 2015 marks a momentous day full of learning.  In one day, I attended a seminar, experienced a live webinar and received free books.

I attended TGFI SG’s free seminar “GET RICH SERIES” which covered the following topics:
Topic 1: Financial Literacy by Floi Wycoco
Topic 2: Investing in Stocks by Jerick Salonga
Topic 3: Work at Home thru Online Marketing by Nolan Lazaro

Although I missed Floi’s talk, I am blessed to have been able to attend the rest of the session.

Jerick helped me to better appreciate the link between Fundamental and Technical Analysis.  His talk also gave me a refresher on the candlesticks.  Technical Analysis is really one of my challenges and it is actually part of short term action plan this year to understand more about this.

So far, I don’t have big losses in my investments in the stock market especially for those stocks I picked and invested on my own.  The minimal losses are not too bad but I don’t want to wait for the day that I will incur a big loss.  I prefer to study and learn more now on how to do better at stock investing and be successful at it.


Nolan refreshed my memory of the training I attended previously about working at home via being a Virtual Assistant.  It has taken a back seat given that I have decided to pursue my blog.  But I am sure this session gave our fellow OFWs a chance to see other opportunities to earn green bucks ($$$) even though they are in the Philippines or it can even prompt our fellow OFWs to consider going back home and be VA in order to have more time with their family.

I liked his candidness when he said being a VA is not for everyone.  It actually made me think if I have the discipline to do this or am I better off being an employee for now and just continue with my current portfolio of investments (mutual funds, stocks and condormitel).

After the seminar, we quickly made our way to TGFI Member Eric’s flat to set up the webinar.  This is a free webinar organized for the TGFI Web Academy in cooperation with Janica Masilang where she tackled the topic on “How To Have A Business in Apartment Rentals? (Even if you’re an OFW and a Family Breadwinner)”.

Although I had a chance to meet Janica while she was still working here but this webinar made me know her better in terms of her simple beginnings and I am also proud and happy to see that she has come a long way in terms of presenting.  It was full of new learnings though due to some technical difficulties we were not able to hear some part of the webinar and the question and answer portion.

I liked her presentation because she started by talking about herself and her journey, then she talked about doing self-reflection on our motivating factors (emotional why), establishing our dreams and plans and developing good habits (e.g., be an eternal learner, seek mentoring, etc.) before talking about the main topic of apartment rentals.  Her presentation was simple yet powerful and each section she did a summary of the points she covered.  This free webinar is a good way for Filipinos to explore other sources of income.

I have attended a lot of webinars (e.g., T. Harv Eker, Ken Chee, Jomar Hilario, Jon Oraña, TGFI Web Academy, etc.) but this is the first time I attended a live webinar.  I didn’t realize that there are so many things happening behind the scene.


It is challenging as we are dependent on technology and if it’s technology anything and everything can go wrong.  Seeing the live webinar in action made me appreciate more the webinar especially if it’s a free webinar because it is really truly passion and commitment that drives the organizers to arrange the webinars in order to share learnings and financially literacy to our fellow Filipinos.

To cap this day full of learnings, I am so happy to receive free books from a friend and co-investor Richard Macalintal especially as I’ve been wanting to buy these books and the best part is that the book “The Retelling of the Richest Man in Babylon” is autographed by Rose Fausto.  Thanks TGFI, TGFI SG and Richard.  You truly made my day.


Watch out for the following upcoming free events:

April 25: “How to Invest in the Philippine Stock Market” by Mr. Aya Laraya

Time: 7pm
A free webinar organized for the TGFI Web Academy in cooperation with COL Financial Group, Inc.
Interested COL Clients and TGFI members can register here –>http://bit.ly/1ywPK6V

 May 2: Wealth Management Series by Mr. Rex Mendoza

Time: 1pm to 6pm
Venue: AIA Tampines, Level 6 Room 2 (3 Tampines Grande, 528799)
“Learn how to manage your wealth and retire rich while working abroad. A good event for OFWs.”
Register here –> http://bit.ly/TGFISG_May2

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