3 Tips for a Wannabe Entrepreneur

3 Tips for a Wannabe Entrepreneur

 Are you an OFW who has been dreaming to go back home to the Philippines for good and put up your own business so you can be with your family?

Are you an employee who has been dreaming of escaping the tiring and stressful rat race by putting up your own business to be your own boss and have more control over your life and time?

Are you a serial failure in putting up your own businesses and want to find a mentor who will give online training that can be accessed anytime and who is invested in your success and provides support and guidance?

If you answered yes, then continue reading to know more.

As you start in your pursuit of entrepreneurship, let me warn you that it is not an easy road and you will face all your fears and demons.  To make the journey easier and more enjoyable, here are 3 tips for you:

     1. Find a mentor or mentors.

A mentor is important is he can guide you and provide inputs to the work that you are doing or answer your queries when you are stuck.  Sometimes we need a few mentors to help us because each one has a specialization or role to play in your career or other aspects of our life.  We can have a mentor for productivity and motivation and a separate one for managing your personal finance and yet another one for business, sales, and marketing.

One of my mentors is fellow ex-P&Ger Jerry Ilao.  His story of failing in 3 businesses before succeeding is close to my heart as I have also failed in the past because of a few reasons like I had no business plan and I had no concept of personal money management and more so for business. 

With Jerry, I felt his sincerity and authenticity with his dream of having more Leapreneurs (OFWs or Employees who will take the leap to be an entrepreneur).  He is also very supportive especially when we are stuck with challenges and provides inputs to improve our business plan and execution.

To name a few other gurus, which are in no way exhaustive, are Franchise Guru Butz Bartolome, Marketing Guru Josiah Go, Business Guru Dean Pax Lapid, Real Estate Guru Larry Gamboa, Leadership Guru John Maxwell, Productivity Guru Brendon Burchard, etc.

     2. Join a group.

Finding a group of the same mindset and constantly interacting with them is important as we are creating new mindset and beliefs with the new way of life we are embarking whether it is embarking on being better in our money management or pursuing freelancing or entrepreneurship.  For people who are not in the same boat as we are, they will not get it, they will not understand us, our challenges and our successes.

One of the FB groups I joined is Jerry’s group called “Leapreneur – From Employee to Entrepreneur” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/leapreneur/).  There is a weekly FB Live aired called “Leapreneur Insights” and they also have regular meetups.  The intent is to provide support to those who are keen to start up their own business and be successful at it.

     3. Learn about entrepreneurship by attending seminars and reading books.

The Ateneo Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship (A-LSE or Ateneo-LSE) Program I enrolled last year in SG gave me the formal education that I needed that gave me tools and opened my eyes to the world of social entrepreneurship hence the birth of our Therapy Center for Kids with Special Needs – Aspectrum Child Development Center in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental.

After A-LSE I enrolled in another program, the Startup Blueprint Masterclass because I felt that I needed to do a deeper dive on learning about entrepreneurship which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  I didn’t regret enrolling in this program as this gave me a different perspective as it was a more practical approach based on Jerry’s own learnings and experiences. 

Two things that really stood out for me in the course: 1) the freedom number and 2) scaling down.  He also discussed different types of businesses that first-time entrepreneurs can pursue.

If you want to sign up for the Startup Blueprint Masterclass, go to this link: https://www.olern.ph/?ref=198

You can also find other courses that are catered for Entrepreneurs and people who want the flexibility of online learning like Facebook Masterclass, E-Commerce, etc.  Aside from courses, there are also books and templates of SOPs that you can buy.

Disclaimer: Signing up using my link will give me a minimum referral fee, at no extra cost to you. But hey, I really liked the courses Startup Blueprint Masterclass and Facebook Masterclass that I just felt compelled to do a write-up and share this with others so that they can also benefit from the courses like I have.

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