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5 Ways to be Faithful to Change

5 Ways to be Faithful to Change


Any change is very difficult and challenging.  You have been set in your old ways for the longest time, sometimes it can be a belief or practice since childhood.

The bigger the change, the more things that you need to unlearn and forget about, and more beliefs and practices that need to be learned anew.

To be faithful in a dramatic change in your life and mindset, like your financial journey, here are 5 tips to help you cope with the change:

  • Read success stories

I used to think that biographies and auto-biographies were boring and self-proclaiming but little did I know what I was talking about.  These are stories that can inspire and motivate us with the adversary that they faced and how they conquered the adversaries and emerged triumphant.  These are stories that can give us tips and life lessons that can help shorten our learning curve.

  • Find a quote or a scripture (for those who are religious) to reflect on
  • Read it
  • Ponder and dwell on it, what it means to you and your key takeaway
  • Develop 3 action plans that can be implemented in one week
  • Reward yourself after completing the action plans.

Rewards need not be grand nor expensive, it can be as simple as having a “me” time to walk in the park or an hour to read a book.

If you do this once a week, by the end of the year, you will be a different person who implemented 156 action plans towards becoming a better you.

  • Find a mentor

Ideally, it will be someone you know that has undergone the same challenges as your are or even if they are still currently facing the same set of challenges but if they are determined to overcome them so they can be your accountability partner to inspire and motivate each another.

  • Find a life coach (ahem! ahem!)

A life coach who will give you clarity on the importance of the change you are embarking on.

  • Believe in your self that you will succeed

We are our greatest ally.  We just need to stop being our greatest enemy and polluting our minds and hearts with fears and doubts.  Instead, be your own best friend and challenge and motivate yourself that things will only get better.

I am sure that there may be other tips not on this list that you may think of.  Comment and give me a shout out of your thoughts and other tips.

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