Checkpoint – End Dec 2013

Checkpoint – End Dec 2013


In Nov 2012, I mentioned in my blog about my dream board.  One of the things that I wanted to achieve was 1M Php (in emergency fund, investments in stocks and mutual funds) by end 2013 and I’ve got to admit that was one of the most challenging goals I have ever set for myself.

Flash forward to 31st December 2013, I am very proud to say I have missed my target.  Why I am proud inspite of missing my goal?  Because though I missed it, I missed it only by 2 months.  Because this is the biggest amount of money I have had in my almost xx years existence on earth and this is a testament of the discipline of monthly budgeting, clearing my debts, saving for my emergency fund and investing in mutual funds and stocks.  Because even though it was a stretch goal, I came so near when at the point in time I was thinking of it I felt it was something unachievable.

I have heard a friend gave me feedback that one of her dreams she verbalized to me is now becoming a reality.  She is thankful for my encouragement of verbalizing her dreams and I’m one proud friend that her dream is coming true.  She said that verbalizing is equivalent to actualization.  This reinforces my belief of putting our dreams in a dream board and sharing it with our friends, family and mentor.

This year is a year of calamity for the Philippines but this year we have been given so much opportunity to be instruments in helping the Philippines.  This year we had 2 major outreach programs in which we were able to raise almost 150,000 Php.

The first program was Project Mountain Alphabet in March where we donated hygiene kits, school supplies, snacks to 206 school children and also books and money for the library building project.

The second program was Sinag Kalinga in Sept where we donated food, medical supplies and leatherette for the beds of the 26 elders in Lucban, Quezon.

The excess money we had we also donated for the victims of the earthquake in October and for the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in Nov.

We all gave until it hurt and it gave us a different satisfaction to be helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  I mentioned to my mom in one of our talks that during the latter part of the year I was personally donating a lot of money for helping the victims of the calamities and friends who are in need, due to loss of a loved one and work but I told her also that it is better if we are the ones helping others versus us being in need.

In 2014, we are embarking on our biggest and most challenging outreach program.  On March 8, 2014, I, together with a group of friends in SG, will be going to Tacloban City to donate some hygiene kits, food, school supplies and 6 pedicabs to help create livelihood in the community.  We are targeting 140,000 Php.  I know that God will make miracles happen and surprise us similar to what happened in our past outreach programs that we not only hit the target amount but even exceeded it.

Lord, give us good health, stable income and secure jobs so that we can continue to share our blessings and be a blessing to others.  Continue to use us an instrument for others to share their blessings to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

As I end this, it is time to reflect, review and update my dream board together with my personal, career and financial plans so that this will be my compass to guide me in 2014.  What about you? Have you done yours? 🙂

Happy investing everyone 🙂 May all your dreams come true.


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  1. Well done! Both for your bold and stretched commitments and for helping others. I am reminded by the phrase that goes something like: If you reach for the stars, even if you miss, you will still end up with moon and not specks of dust. 🙂 All the best in your goals this 2014.

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