Conversations with a Taxi Driver

Conversations with a Taxi Driver


Yesterday I was running late because I had difficulty getting up because of a bad headache. It was actually a blessing in disguise as I had the opportunity to have an interesting discussion with the taxi driver.  We talked about a lot of things but at some point he was doing most of the talking and I was just quietly absorbing his comments and processing it in my head.  I share with you some of my conversations with a taxi driver:

The conversation started by asking my nationality, how long have I been working here in SG and if I am a PR to which I replied that I am a Filipino, working here for more than seven years and I am an Employment Pass (EP) Holder.

Taxi Driver (TD): How come you don’t apply for PR?

Me: I applied twice and got rejected twice but this was a few years back.  I had an appointment for PR application in Nov last year but had to cancel due to a Business Trip.  Cancellation or rescheduling of the appointment can only be done twice so I need to be very, very sure before I book the new appointment.

TD: Some foreigners are only in SG because they want to use it as a stepping stone to go to other countries like US, AU or NZ to name a few.

Me:  No verbal comment but this made me pause and wonder am I one of these foreigners? Am I thinking that I’m only in SG now because I want to go to greener pastures? A few weeks ago I was becoming restless, thinking it was the seven year itch and craving for something new but this feeling passed maybe because I have taken a big leap and invested in real estate.

TD: Though the government is becoming strict in controlling foreigners but the truth is we need the foreigners because there are not enough locals…

Me: Still no verbal comment but well, I felt happy to hear that.

TD: And also because the younger generation has been too pampered, that they want an easy job with promotion & good salary increment every year. If the job is too difficult or the boss too demanding they just change jobs & ask support from the parents.

Me: In my mind, how do I react to this? Aloud, I told him that in the past seven years that I have been here I am trying not to be complacent and I have tried to give my best performance so that I don’t hear any questions raising doubts on why I was hired versus getting a local.

In my heart, I was thinking that I am not perfect.  I get low days where I am not at my best and may even be too lazy to do anything, even go to work.  But every day, I try and push myself to prove to my peers and boss that I am worthy to be here, I deserve the job and I earn their respect as an SME in my field and produce good quality work.


  • Give 101% in everything I do in order to produce good quality work I can be proud of.
  • Work hard but save and invest harder to make my 10-year plan a reality.
  • Thank you Mr. Taxi Driver for making my day.  It felt good to be a valuable contributor to this country which I have come to love and consider it my second home.

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