E-Course Review: The Roadmap to a Fulfilled Life

E-Course Review: The Roadmap to a Fulfilled Life

I actually took a longer time to complete the E-course “The Roadmap to a Fulfilled Life – Find and Pursue Your Passion” because I was busy with the Ateneo LSE class and other online courses that I was taking and on top of that I felt that it was too religious for my liking.

I gave it some thought and I made a compromise that I will try and keep an open mind and be just objective about the religious questions with the end goal to finish the E-course.

The E-Course takes around only 1 hour for the videos covering 4 Lessons plus the Conclusion but after each lesson I need to spend time doing the workbook answering the questions and doing self-reflection.

Course Outline:
Lesson 1: What is a Fulfilled Life?
Lesson 2: Connecting the Dots
Lesson 3: Excuses
Lesson 4: Reality Check

I actually found the E-course refreshing especially the workbook because it gave me an opportunity to do some reflections and acknowledge my strengths and skills especially amidst the news of our company’s global re-organization.

It also gave me a chance to re-discover myself by going back in time and recalling the memories of my childhood as these made a huge impact on forging who I am today.

The Lesson on Excuses was uniquely done in a way that makes you transform the negative self-talk to a positive one which is really very handy in making me more aware and catching myself at the start of the negative self-talk before it brings more harm to myself and my self-esteem.

The Lesson on Reality Check was a good guide in asking myself the next steps like how should I prepare myself in terms of skills and financial needs.

Amidst the busyness of our life, it is good if we take a pause once in a while to take stock of where we are and what we need to do to move forward and this e-course is very helpful in providing the framework together with the workbook.

I also love the layout and design of the workbook, obviously on top of the content. It really radiates a very strong branding, consistency and it shows how much effort, planning and thought process was spent on creating the workbook it. It is also so girly with its pink motif and design.

The well-crafted workbook inspired me to create a similar reflection guide that documents the questions I used a lifetime ago when I was doing a lot of reflection and soul searching. It also is serving as a benchmark for me, challenging me to achieve the same high caliber and quality workbook.

In terms of the E-course, I noticed that at the start Viviene was more uptight in the delivery of her message but as the E-course progressed she started to loosen up and be more casual in the conversation. Having said that, I know it is hard to do the videotaping of a talk when you have no audience and I really admire her courage in embarking on this because I know that there is not a lot of speakers in the Philippines who do this, especially if you talk about the female speakers.

Viviene Bigornia, thanks for this e-course and I look forward to your future E-course and E-books. I also hope to acquire the same courage to embark on my own E-course soon as the E-book is already a work in progress with the stretch timeline of having the first draft by 1st Nov 2017. I also look forward to having future collaboration with you.

To you, my dear women readers, as we aspire to achieve our best selves I highly encourage you to sign up for the E-Course. Enrollment is only until 10th Sept so go and register via this link: www.thefulfilledwomen.com/fulfilled-life

I think it is great that we have a network of women outside of work because we get a fresh perspective and we learn from each other especially if you are struggling in that phase of your life and someone in the network has already overcome that challenge.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advert. I paid for the E-Course and I am just sharing with you my thoughts and key learnings on the E-Course.

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