LifeKite Unbounded: An Unpretentious Experiential Workshop

LifeKite Unbounded: An Unpretentious Experiential Workshop

It was an amazing 2 day journey last May 2018 in “LifeKite Unbounded” wherein you get to know yourself better, let go and accept the past and acknowledge that it is ok not to be ok.

I actually don’t know how to classify the 2-day event – is it a workshop or training but it seems this description seems inadequate, or not enough.

The more appropriate terms are life changing experience, the start of my transformational journey, the continuation of my journey to be a better and kinder me. 

Disclaimer: But do note that these description is based on my journey and really dependents on where you are in terms of achieving your best self.  I am not yet there in terms of achieving my best self but I have embarked on this journey for the past few years and everyday try and live that in every moment of my life.  It is not easy but it is a conscious decision on my part.

It’s very difficult to verbalize and share what happened in the event because it was very fluid, unstructured but in a good way that it is not so formal in the sense that 1) there was no powerpoint presentation at all, 2) use of flip charts to highlight key messages and 3) more experiential with lots of activities and exercises.

In a nutshell, it was an unpretentious experiential workshop that doesn’t need fancy tools or equipment and it will only need to rely on people.  It was an event I have been looking for because it supports my belief about an overall approach to self-development and it cannot just be one aspect of your life.

A few years back, I was only blogging about personal finance but along the journey what I realized is that I cannot just focus on one aspect of life.  Your finances may be in order but then your personal relationship or health is not doing well.

My greatest realization in the event: I need to take better care of my health in order to have the energy and stamina for my life purpose of serving and helping more people, putting up a foundation and establishing deeper relationships and connections .

Do you have the following questions in your mind that has been bugging you for quite some time:

Do you want more of your relationships or out of life in general?

Do you want to give more of yourself?

Do you want to forgive yourself and forgive others?

Do you want to love yourself and others?

Do you want overflowing abundance in your life?

Do you want ti be in the pink of health & perform at the top of your game every time day in and day out?

Do you want to discover your passion & purpose in life?

Do you want to be the best you could ever be?

If you answered yes to at least one question, I invite you to join the next run of LifeKite Unbounded Manila on August 4 and 5, 2018 

If you answered yes to most of the questions, go and make time to attend the next run of LifeKite Unbounded Manila on August 4 and 5, 2018 

Please get in touch with me so I could connect you to the right channel.

Note that this is not a paid post.  I just want to share with you my experience in attending the last LifeKite Unbounded Manila last May 2018 and maybe help you even just a little bit in your own life journey.

P.S.  There is a special birthday rate running from today until Sunday, July 8.  Please go to the link for more details:

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