Passion for Organizing Outreach Programs

Passion for Organizing Outreach Programs

I came home to Manila to give my Mom a surprise for her birthday.  It was difficult to keep it under wraps but it was a huge success especially seeing the shock and surprise on my parents’ faces when I reached home at 7am last 29th January.  It was funny when I walked in to their bedroom and greeted Mama a happy birthday and she just said thank you and she suddenly jump up from bed when she finally recognized my face.

It is nice to spend time with the family and take a break from the stress and pressure of working overseas.  This will help me re-energize especially for my next major focus which is the Outreach Program to Typhoon Yolanda Victims on March 8th at Tacloban City.

Time flies so fast that the kiddos grow up so fast and they have new tricks to show off.  The malls also evolve that the old buildings are now demolished and the shops in the malls also changed locations.  Change is the only thing constant and the only thing we need to learn is accept change and how to ride the waves of change.

Some of my friends have been recently commenting that it seems I have changed and looks like I am focusing on only 2 things (aside from work): investments and outreach programs.

Actually, I am very passionate about a lot of things, but two things that I have been passionate about in the last two years are organizing outreach programs and spreading financial literacy, primarily influencing Filipinos but in the process hopefully encouraging also my friends with different nationalities.

I believe that these 2 things are interconnected.  Part of the things we teach in managing our money is giving back a certain portion of our income as a love offering or tithes whether through church, charities or NGOs.  I believe that is not important if we follow the 10% as stated in the Bible but what’s more important that it is given freely and comes from the heart.

I want to refute the comments that I have received that I am rich so I can afford to be philanthropic and that I am earning a lot so I can afford to be generous.  I am not rich (yet) but I am slowly and surely inching my way towards my goal.  Being generous need not entail tons of money but a small amount donated coming from the heart and accumulated among many people will amount to something big like buying a pedicab or an oxygen tank with regulator which will already go a long way in helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Money is a magnifying glass as it helps to enhance who we truly are.  If we are generous even when we have little, for sure we will be more generous when we have a lot.  If we are selfish when we were just a janitor, the more we will be selfish when we become the CEO.   My challenge to all of us is to strive to be part of not only the prestigious Top xx Richest People in the Philippines or World or Universe but also be part of the Top xx Most Magnanimous and Philanthropic People in the Galaxy.

So, I appeal you to be generous by supporting our current and future outreach programs 🙂

P.S. The reason why I like organizing outreach programs is because I not only help our less fortunate brothers and sisters but I also became a conduit to help link our generous friends  who want to help the less fortunate.

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