Seminar Review: Timeless Marketing Intensive (TMI)

Seminar Review: Timeless Marketing Intensive (TMI)

Last Aug 27, yes the month is correct and I got side tracked that’s why this blog post is 2 months delayed 🙂 , I attended the seminar “How to be Successful in Business – Timeless Marketing Intensive” conducted by DJ Dimaliuat at the Driven headquarters.

6 Things I really liked about the training: 

  1. DJ’s training style: a) delivered naturally without any presentation slides, b) interjecting other topics that the participants may be interested in like leadership and self-confidence
  2. DJ’s energy to be able to last the full day and to liven up the training
  3. The setup of placing all our belongings outside the training area and the frequent changes in the seating plan/arrangements to ensure we interact with all the participants in the training and in the different activities
  4. The energetic ice breakers after the snacks – although there may be a need to change some of the ice breakers to be not so scripted
  5. The interactive and experiential training that provides us with an opportunity to not just interact with others but also hear their stories and challenges
  6. The super unforgettable culminating activity that is both unique and unexpected and I am really at a loss for words on how to describe it

DJ conducted the full day seminar without any presentation slides or idiot board.  It’s like a memorized presentation but not the type that the speaker will just rattle off.  It still felt natural, fluid and personal and not rehearsed and memorized.

Memorizing or remembering a 1 hour presentation is already challenge without any slides to refer to and I have great respect and admiration for speakers and trainers who can conduct a full day seminar without any presentation slides because it takes a lot mental power to do this.

Because aside from the normal presentation of the seminar, the speaker needs to be able to quickly think on his feet.  Speaking or giving a training is like a dance that you need to keep up with the tempo as you need to slow down or dance faster or adjust as you change your partner.  Some of the things that need to be considered:

  1. Questions from participants can be so random and unpredictable that it catch you off-guard
  2. As a speaker your task is not just to deliver the presentation but to ensure energy is kept high throughout the day but you also need to balance it and try to conserve your energy because the day may outlast you that you may not have any wind or power left in you as the seminar winds down.
  3. As the day comes to an end, that is actually the most critical time because you need to recap to ensure the participants will remember the topics discussed during the seminar.  And at the same time, you also need to give them action plans that they can and will implement immediately so that they don’t forget the things discussed in the seminar and their learnings.
  4. You need to be attuned to your audience, if they are still with you or they seem lost and need additional information. Depending on the needs of the audience, you may be required to inject additional topics on the fly so that the audience can connect and make it more relevant for them.  If the student doesn’t get your message, that means your duty as a trainer is not yet done.  You need to rephrase it in a way that he will get it.

My Key Learnings:

Get out of VS Expand …. Your Comfort Zone

It’s funny that I use most of the time “Get out of your comfort zone” but I know that in my journey with my associate in influencing her to take on more projects and not just focus on routines what I was actually doing with her is really more on expanding her comfort zone.

For some people, it takes a lot to get of the comfort zone so it will be better to just expand it inch by inch and just assuring the person that you will be there to support but you need to ensure that you will really be there for him.  Whether to just provide moral or physical support or to assist especially when the going gets tough.

The magic number – the minimum number of customers needed to meet your minimum needed monthly income to cover expenses (inclusive of emergency fund, insurance and savings).

We always focus on the target number of sales for the month and sometimes, as humans, we have a tendency to just be complacent or give up if we see that there is no way we will meet the target.

But what we fail to realize is that we still have bills to pay, mouths to feed and family to support so at the bare minimum we need to ensure that we are able to hit that minimum number of customers or equivalent minimum amount to survive.

For the activities in the training I used my new baby as a focal point: Made4U Events – an Events Organizing Company for Seminars, Workshops and Outreach Programs – a one-stop Events Organizer that provide training and support on all aspects of our lives, in order to be well-rounded individuals.

After doing the math, I realized that if I just focus on the Events Organizing Company, I will not be able to meet my magic number.

This is actually the main reason why I decided to pursue the life coaching training even though the course is expensive.  I felt that it would be a career that will complement the Events Organizing Company and at the same time support my need for an additional source of income.

Complement not just in providing help, support and training to other people but these are actually careers that I can do remotely, not necessarily be based in Manila, given that we also want to put up the Therapy Center for Kids with Special Needs in Bacolod.

Rating: I would highly recommend this as a training to attend not just for the content but to also learn from DJ as a speaker especially if you have an aspiration to share your message or do speeches or conduct seminars.

Overall, I am happy with the training though there are some opportunities for improvement to bring it to the next level.

Watch out for my next blog which I will cover some of the improvement opportunities, which are not meant to bash or put down the organizers and speaker, but more with the intent of pursuing continuous improvement.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advert.  My sisters and I paid the seminar fee.

For more details re the seminar, go to:

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