Sept 20 & 21 – A Weekend of Free Learning Exclusively for Women

Sept 20 & 21 – A Weekend of Free Learning Exclusively for Women


Last weekend, Success Resources organized a weekend of free learning exclusively for women and empowering women.  Although I only attended the first day, I felt that it was a Saturday well spent.

It was also good to hear and see Kim Kiyosaki eventhough it was just through a live video conference.  Kim mentioned about freedom being her number 1 value and for her financially free at the start was not having millions in money but more of her monthly passive income being able to cover her monthly expenses.

When she achieved financial freedom it gave her more opportunity and time to think about what she wants to and where she could make a difference.

She has released two books “Rich Woman” and “It’s Rising Time” and her aim is to help woman to be prepared financially and to be in control.  She shared 2 food for thoughts:

    • Get rid of the negative people pulling you or dragging you down. We already have a lot of self-doubt and internal challenges as it is.
    • As you near the achievement of your goal, set the next goal even before you have achieved your first goal.

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki will be here in Singapore in 2015 and I am excited to attend that seminar and I look forward to attending more seminars organized by Success Resources.



I observed that the first 3 speakers on Saturday have books that they have written. This slide is taken from the segment “Publish A Book and Grown Rich” and I feel that this is indirectly hinting at me to take a stand and make my dream of being an author a reality.  Let’s see 🙂

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