Update re ART Reach on 6th Aug

Update re ART Reach on 6th Aug

Aim: Conduct art lessons for the children battling the Big C

Each child have 2 Masterpieces at the end of the day – 1 for personal keepsake and 1 for auction (tentatively in Sept and proceeds of which will be given back to the children and/or to the home)

The art lessons look interesting that even I want to join in.

Keep the generosity coming as to date we have only raised 17k Php  (~472SGD) including Pledges vs our Ambitious because we want to be Generous Target of 283k Php (~7,800SGD)

We are 3 weeks away and we are looking forward to your support to make the children’s dream come true of attending art lessons and having a masterpiece that they can be proud of.

For more details re the ART Reach and how to make a donation, visit the following:

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