1st April 2017: A Giant Leap Out of my Comfort Zone

1st April 2017: A Giant Leap Out of my Comfort Zone

I learned. I unlearned. I relearned.
I implemented what I have learned.
And now I am sharing my learnings.

Today marks an achievement.
Today I was able to tick off one item from my bucket list, even earlier than my original timeline of Sept 2017.

Today I conquered, I emerged victorious.
Today, 1st April 2017, while TGFI is mounting the first, the most ambitious and the biggest First Financial Literacy Summit at SMX, I was also taking a giant leap and challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone. Thanks also to the influence and “push” of a good friend.

It took 5 years before I found the courage and confidence to do my first public speaking engagement on personal finance that is so far from my expertise – Supply Chain, Demand Planning, Inventory Management, etc.

Courage because I thought I wasn’t ready yet.  I thought I didn’t have enough knowledge on personal finance to share with others.  It also took a lot of courage for me to talk and open myself in public.  I am a private person that’s why I prefer to blog versus talk in public.

Confidence because I had to fulfill a personal goal first in order to “prove” something to myself. I guess it is the “high C” in me that is driving this.
Note: “High C” is  refered from.  the DISC Profile. Please click to know more:

I was pleasantly surprised when I was doing my slides that I actually have learned a lot in the past five years of my financial literacy journey.  I was cramming so much information in the slides that in the end it had to be trimmed down to be able to fit the talk in one hour.

Was the talk perfect? No, it was not. I made some mistakes.  I forgot some lines.

Did I feel disappointed? No, I did not.  I knew I did my best and I shared to my best ability.  I even felt I was calmer and not so nervous today versus my last presentation in our Company Townhall.

Did I succeed and achieve my objectives today? Yes, because I was able to impart some of my learnings. I felt I made a difference today.

As Coach John Wooden defines success,
“Success is peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you’re capable.”

Will there be a next time? Definitely!  Because this is one of the things that I identified as important to me, one of the few things that matter to me based on the 5 Choices Training goal statements that I drafted.

Also, with more speaking engagements it will mean more opportunity to practice and get better at it but more importantly it means more opportunity to train other people and share what I have learned based on my life experiences, attending seminars (face-to-face or virtual), reading books and listening to podcasts.

Here’s to a more financially literate Philippines!

Sharing with you some pictures of the seminar today:

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