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3 Reasons Why The Theme Success

3 Reasons Why The Theme Success

The last Women Empowerment Summit revolved around the theme “Dress for Success” or more importantly Success.

Some Speakers felt that they were not yet successful and credible enough to talk about success or share their experiences and knowledge.

That is a woman for you alright.

If there is a job opening that has 10 criteria or requirements for hiring,

– a man will have 6 or less ticks but he will still go for it.

– a woman will have 7 or more ticks but she will still hesitate and may not even go for it unless prodded by friends and family.

Why is this so?

It is linked to us being obsessed with perfection that we need to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s.  That if everything is not yet perfect then we will not proceed, whether it is a project, it is a new job opening or a new venture.

It is also about us – our perception of our own self, our capability and ability.  We are not enough.  We are still work in progress.  We are still not ready.

So what can you do about it?

1. Attend seminars and find your tribe.

This is the reason why I wanted to organize seminars and workshops to help build our confidence, our self-esteem and be with other women to get and draw motivation, inspiration, strength and courage from each other.

2. Forget about perfection.

Perfection is a myth taught in school and further exacerbated in the corporate world.  Things will never be perfect.  We just need to launch a project, write a book or talk in a seminar and then learn from it – the successes, the failures, what can we do better, what will I avoid the next time, what should I take note for future goals.  So, forget about being perfect for a while and if you have 70-80% done then just execute.

3. Define success at your own terms.

Be confident to know that you are more than enough, that you are ready as you’ll ever be, that you have stories, knowledge to share to others.  Success is a marathon that you run against yourself.  There will be days that you will be lagging behind but it’s ok just continue moving forward to your goal. 

Ignore society’s definition of success – having a job title and together with it a nice office space overlooking the city, the branded and numerous cars, the mansion as a house, etc.  All these are glitz and glamour on the outside. 

But when you check inside, in your heart and your soul, are you happy?  What is it that truly defines success for you?  Is it helping other people to achieve their best self?  Is it becoming an entrepreneur and providing jobs to your employees?  Is it giving a talk to an audience and sharing your knowledge and experiences?  Is it putting up your own foundation to help children with cancer or providing a home and take care of the aged people?  Give yourself a chance to ponder and find out.  The answer is within you.  You just need to listen to your inner voice.


We all have stories and experiences to share.  We all have knowledge and skills to impart.
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