5 Things that Guarantee Success as you Shift from Spender to Saver

5 Things that Guarantee Success as you Shift from Spender to Saver

It takes a lot of humility and self-awareness to figure out when something is not working in our life. We can choose to ignore the signs like empty wallet, maxed out credit cards, making ends meet, money will run out before we get our next salary, staggering debts, living paycheck to paycheck, etc. Most of us will know what I mean.

There may be some people who know what I am talking about but it is already part of their history. They have used this painful experiences to learn from it.

But there are some few people that do not even understand these issues or struggles. Have you ever thought why is there some people that are abnormal or weird that they are not in the same situation as everyone else?

You may be thinking that they are rich and privileged. Maybe yes or maybe not. Maybe at the start they are not but one thing I am sure of, in their journey they were able to figure out these 5 Things that guarantees that a person will be successful when they shift from a Spender to a Saver.

These can also be used as the Saver wants become an Investor or Entrepreneur. Or these can even be used at a point in our life when we are at the crossroads or when we are moving on to the next chapter of our life.

1) Be Open to Change
It is easier said than done but yes, change is both exciting and scary. Exciting because there is something new to look forward to maybe a new work, new country, new people and new way of life (from Shopaholic/Spender to Saver).

But this newness can is also the exact same reason why you are scared – scared of the unknown, scared of failure, scared of being ridiculed by friends, scared of leaving your friends as you embark on this new life.

I remember when I was starting in my journey as a Saver that I had to cut down on malling, dining out with friends and drinking (the cost beer and wine in Singapore is absolutely ridiculous). This meant less time with my friends and they are always joking why I am suddenly such a miser.

But eventually, they are able to accept the change I am going through and I was also able to accept the change that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself – it is all about striking a balance.

The change in mindset and spending habits is not easy and yes, sometimes you will lose a small battle but just persist because you have not lost the war.

My biggest learning here is to tell the people who matter to you – your family and close friends – what you will be embarking on so that they can support and respect you.

2) Knowing Your Why
This is your compelling reason. This is your dream, your goal, your aspiration. If this why is not compelling enough, I will question your hunger and desire for that dream. That means you do not want it badly as you think you do.

So do the 5 Whys, Fish Bone Analysis or simply do a self-reflection to understand what is really your Why. Without this why, you will continue to live life like a walking zombie going through the motions of life without meaning or purpose.

Is this what you want? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? How do you want people to remember you? Is life just all about you or there is something else – a bigger purpose?

3) Belief in yourself and in your dream
Having faith and confidence in yourself and your capability. Praying for guidance from God (or whatever you call him).

Belief in yourself doesn’t mean that you will not question yourself that you are not capable or you don’t know this or that. It means that you believe in yourself that you will find the answer or get the skill or if not ask for help.

If you just believe, anything is possible.

4) Being coachable
They are eternal learners or lifelong students as they strive to become better and always challenging themselves to be better than yesterday. They have the continuous improvement mindset that they are always on the lookout to tweak a process, automate a report, revise the procedure, remove unnecessary steps or reports, and reduce time spent on non-value added things.

5) Discipline to take action
Be careful of analysis paralysis that you can get stuck on just studying and studying and studying books, articles, blogs, podcasts, Youtube videos, seminars, and workshops that you end up not implementing.

Do not expect that at the first instance of change it will be perfect. It is ok. Do not let this stop you from taking action – because you still don’t know this or because certain aspect is confusing. Don’t worry. Just jump in and get your hands dirty.

Sometimes our dear friend procrastination will stop us but you need to find the will to ignore it and just put the discipline to practice the new habit and implement the things you have learned.

After implementing, then that’s the time you do the review and revise of the process, action or timing. Without doing anything yet, how do you know it will not work, how do you know what to revise? So just take Nike’s advice and “Just do it.”

Are these 5 Things easy? It is simple but not easy. It is doable yet there may be challenges. But hey, if your dream or your Why is something that is really so important to you then you would do everything in your power to make this happen.

You know what? The power is in you – your hands, your heart and your brain.

You just got to learn to believe in yourself the way that I believe in you.

6 thoughts on “5 Things that Guarantee Success as you Shift from Spender to Saver

  1. These tips will definitely be helpful o someone who has not been a good saver… having a savings built up for emergencies is key…

  2. You’re so right – these are not easy by any means, but definitely worth it! I’m always telling my kids to remain coachable (or “teachable” is our motto)… and I myself work on remaining teachable no matter what age. The discipline part…that is the hard part but it “pays” off 😉

  3. Being coachable is an important asset. If someone is too over-confident feeling he do not need help, then that guy is in big trouble. He is on the road to failure.

  4. What a beautiful topic. Before I am a shopaholic, I am luxurious and spender. But when I had my own family, my luxuries and costs have changed. I have to put my children’s needs first, ahead of my personal needs.

  5. these are spot on! haha really love the article weng.. you really write so wonderful articles and this is yet one of the best. though i have to say, i was kinda hurt with number 4.. lol i kinda hate being coached by others even if i know they just want to help i guess i really need to develop that for myself. 🙂

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