Always In A Rush

Always In A Rush

Why are we always in a rush?
Why are we always worrying?
Why is our mind anywhere, everywhere except in this present moment?

This moment, this present moment is just perfect.
Take time to stop and smell the flowers.
For in this pause, you will realize how beautiful life is and how blessed you are.

But I wonder, have we ever stopped to think why are we always in a rush?
What is it that we must need to urgently go to that we even drive crazily to the point of putting our lives in danger? Why the hell are we risking our lives, for what?

What is it that we urgently need to do that we don’t have time for family, our loved ones, our friends, our colleagues? That each minute they are delaying us we feel like they are wasting our time? Are relationships not important to us now?

When did we become money-making machines that we forgot how to live, we forgot to pursue our passion because oh, we also, by the way, forgot what is our passion in the busyness of our so-called meaningless life?

It takes courage to break from the “seeming norm” by pursuing your passion, living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Anyway, who is it that dictated that success must look a certain way? Isn’t it up to us to define what is happiness and success for us?

Now, the Universe has forced us to stop, to take a look at our lives.  Take this opportunity to reflect, go to your heart, and go on an Inner Journey.  The process of unearthing and facing our deepest secrets, wounds, and feelings is scary but yet exciting and I assure you the results will be pervading.

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