Back From My Hiatus

Back From My Hiatus

Hello, friends and readers of my blog.  It has been quite a while since I last wrote and posted a blog.

I am back from my self-imposed hiatus as I was reflecting in end of 2018 my first year out of the corporate world and pursuing my own thing – organizing learning events with the drama of making a difference in the world.  It wasn’t easy given I was out for 11 years so my network for venues, speakers and audience were very limited.  To top it all, in the latter part of 2018 every other week for 2 months I was sick with colds, cough and flu.  So I took a pause to think about what I really wanted to do.

After that pause, the theme for 2019 was to network and meet more people and become healthier.  I also said that for 2019 I would limit attending paid learning events or going on a travel as I was also managing my finances with the intent that 2019 will be another year for me to plant seeds without expectation on earning.

Little did I know that my seemingly limited theme for 2019 would bring me to places and on a journey I would have not dared explored like becoming more spiritual, opening my Pandora’s box that I closed when I was young.  To think I shunned the word spiritual because in my mind is equal to being religious.

Through a networking event, I was introduced to Pathways Healing Center which also has a soul tribe called Pathways Community.  It sounded odd for me when talked about Ascension and Spiritual Things but I kept coming back.  Every time I would go there I would be in dazed and confused for 2-3 days trying to comprehend whatever they were saying or teaching. 

As I blog again now, I would also be talking more about my journey after Pathways which may seem unusual or weird but I want to leave with you two things to think about before I end this blog:

  1. I want to share my story of being on a different journey right now of discovering and re-discovering myself, my purpose and my gifts and I want to shout it out to the world.  I don’t want to hide anymore.  I only ask that if you cannot accept my new path then respect it.  If you cannot support me and my new path, then please let me be and just respect my choice.
  2. I want to challenge you to wake up from the Zombie or Walking Dead State of a rat race you are running.  Life is meant to be lived and we need to be alive in order to feel it.  To rebel against society or other people’s set of standards in defining success and happiness.

At the end of the day,
“You can choose to be, do and have better.
You have the power and choice to create, design and re-design your life.”

To know more about Pathways:


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