Birthday Party at Baseco

Birthday Party at Baseco

A month ago, I went home for a vacation to spend time with the family and do a dental procedure.

I was caught up with a lot of work so it was a last minute decision and very rushed preparation to celebrate my birthday with the kids from Baseco.  My ever supportive family joined me that day together with Mike and his friend, arranging the gift bags and ordering the simple Jollibee merienda for the kids.

I didn’t expect that the kids and the organizers at Baseco prepared beautiful handmade birthday cards, said a birthday prayer me to wish me good health and sang me a birthday song.  I was so touched that I got teary eyed feeling overwhelmed with emotion and not used to having the spotlight shining on me.

I thought I was there to share my blessings but actually it became a mutual sharing wherein they shared with me their talents and their time.

Thank you Baseco kids for making my birthday a memorable one that words will never be enough to capture my happiness and gratefulness.  I hope you will study hard and reach for your dreams 🙂

Thank you Mike for organizing the event with such a short leadtime.  Thank you Floi for introducing me to Mike who has so much passion to organize outreach programs for all ages 🙂

Thanks to my family who prepared the loot bags and for joining me in the event.

Sharing with you some of our pictures of my birthday party with my family, friends, and the children and parents from Baseco compound.  I hope this inspires you to be grateful for what you have, share your blessings and pay it forward 🙂

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