Book Review: It’s Rising Time! – A Book for Women to Achieve their Financial Dreams

Book Review: It’s Rising Time! – A Book for Women to Achieve their Financial Dreams


Kim Kiyosaki’s book “It’s Rising Time!” is a call to action for women to do whatever it takes; in mind, body, emotion and spirit; to reach their financial dreams.

If Robert Kiyosaki had the EBSI quadrant (from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”), Kim featured the Triple-A Triangle, plus a Bonus A, in this book.


Aspire – refers to our dreams, ambitions, hopes, wishes and desires in life.  I liked that Kim gave an exercise (p. 33) which gives us a chance to get in touch with the deepest recesses of our heart and soul and just think and reflect about “if money is not an issue, what would you differently regarding career, health, financial life, personal and spiritual well-being, relationship with family, etc.”.

Acquire – refers to getting equipped with the right education, learning and skills which will help us make sensible and enlightened decisions.  In this section, Kim defined financial independence as “not living below my means but rather expand my means” and “having the money to live life I want and not just enough to survive”.

Most financial advisors would talk about simplifying our lifestyle, cutting down expenses and living below our means which is a very far cry from what Kim is saying and is, in fact, a way to challenge us to challenge ourselves to find ways of increasing our income and exploring ways to find other sources of income.  This will be an on-going process as you find yourself getting curious about other asset classes and economy along with the markets are evolving and changing.

Apply – refers to the execution phase after getting the right knowledge to make our aspiration come true.  You have to get your hands dirty because this is also a better way of learning instead of just reading from books or attending seminars.  The knowledge we acquire will be of no value if we don’t move to apply them.

Achieve – is the fourth A or the Bonus A.  This refers to the results of the efforts you put in the Acquire and Apply phases and which will also mean achieving what you aspire.  She even mentioned to set the next goal before you even accomplish the goal at hand because this keeps the momentum.

There is a story about a marathoner who practiced months before the race and the week before the race he was losing interest because the race is coming soon.  So what his coach did is ask him when his next marathon is.  The marathoner suddenly got inspired and planned for his next race so he has given himself renewed focus and direction to finish the upcoming marathon and plan for the next race.

Kim also covered the four asset classes: real estate, paper assets, commodities & business and at the end of each asset class she had stories of real life women who took action to control their lives & finances overcoming obstacles and challenges that they faced.  I had mixed feelings about the real life stories as I felt there were too many examples for each asset class.  I am not sure if it’s only me but it felt too cheesy for me.  It was something like “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

I also had this nagging question on my mind, “what about featuring single women?” Sometimes I feel most talks, seminars and books are targeted towards married women, married with kids or in relationships. I wish there will be more talks or books about challenges of single women.  Now, maybe that should be a book I should write about. 🙂

Anyway, I’m thinking that maybe I should also get “Rich Woman” or maybe I should wait for a kind-hearted friend to give this to me as a Christmas gift. 🙂

Before I end this blog, I will leave some questions with the intention of helping you look inside your heart, mind, soul and spirit.  How do you define your financial heaven?  Can you imagine what it would be like without having to worry about money again?  How do you see yourself and your family?  Do you see yourself living longer than your money?  Do you feel like you have a choice?

I urge you, my dear women readers, to grab a copy of this book and help fight the battle to break the glass ceiling and to stop limiting ourselves to reach our fullest potential, achieve our best self and live our best life.

For your reference below is the first page of the table of contents:



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