My Latest Baby

My Latest Baby

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My latest baby,  no it is not what you think or hoped for me. 😛

Or to use a more politically correct term, my latest brainchild is the culmination of years of experience in events organizing for family occasions and trips, gathering with friends, company events and team building activities including ice breakers and outreach programs as a way of giving back.

I am happy and proud to share with you my own Events company: Made4U Events


The name might not be to other people’s liking as it doesn’t roll off your tongue.  Trust me, it is so difficult to find the PERFECT Company Name or Blog Name especially after checking Google, Facebook and the SEC Website.

The logo may be too boring or dull for other people’s taste.  It’s ok, not to be perfect.  I can tweak it later.  Change the font size, or do rebranding or relaunching.

Again, if Windows has version 10 why do I need to get it perfect on day 1?  If iPhone has version 7, wouldn’t they have changed the design of the phone by now?  If Samsung has version 8, that was launched after the battery safety issue with version 7 why do I have to get everything right when my company name or logo will not be a cause for safety issue?

It’s ok, just execute the business and focus on what’s more important which is really to test the business concept and establish my name in this new world that I am embarking on.

It’s ok to start small, what matters is that I START. 🙂

Yes, it is a serious logo as this events company will mainly cater for seminars and workshops,

  • linking the speakers wannabe who have messages to share, experiences to inspire others, or expertise they want to teach newbies
  • to the lifelong learners like me who is always finding it difficult to find seminars in a click of a button that are meant for executives who want to further improve themselves when it comes to personality development, leadership skills, increasing productivity, building confidence, proper grooming and even the use of makeup to enhance our features and make us more confident in the workplace.  These soft skills will compliment the hard skills of subject matter expertise, financial literacy and entrepreneurship as they are all needed to make us whole.

As I realize my dreams of sharing my passion for lifelong learning and organizing events, I also want to make your dreams come true of sharing your message and life experiences, inspiring others with your own trials and success story and teach others on your expertise.

Get in touch with me or Made4U Events so we can make our dreams a reality of staging a seminar or workshop and inspire others to pursue their dreams and learn from us and our event.

For the lifelong learners, get in touch with me and send me suggestions for seminar topics you want to be covered and I’ll see what I can do.

Thank you to Abigail Mendiola of Abie Mendiola Makeup Services for trusting me with our first major event on Oct 2017.

MakeUp Workshop2


MakeUp Workshop

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