Status Update: 2017 52-week challenge

Status Update: 2017 52-week challenge

I just want to update you on the Scenario I have decided to use for this year’s 52-week challenge and a status update of where I am in terms of the 52-week challenge.

Hopefully, this will inspire those who accepted the challenge to keep the faith and stay the course with the goal of finishing the 52-week challenge.  And for those who have not started but are interested, then this will help to give them a gentle push or reminder to commit to the challenge and start NOW. 🙂

In a nutshell, below describes the Scenario I am using for this year:

  1. I will continue to use a multiplier of 2
  2. I will continue to manage this once a month once I receive my pay for the month and I need to put the money covering 4 weeks into the envelope
  3. The only change is that for this year I am doing the reverse scenario, which is in descending order starting from 52 and ending at 1.


This reverse order is more challenging at the start of the year because we just came from the Christmas holidays which means spending more on gifts, parties, get-togethers and even out of town/country trips.

Also, the impact of the high weekly amount during the last month of 2016 was cushioned with the 13th month pay.

The only good thing about the reverse scenario is as of now covering until wk of 6th March, I already have 1,056SGD vs if I do the normal scenario with multiplier of 2 I will only be having 132SGD,  giving me the excitement to continue with the challenge and with the thinking that the weekly amount is decreasing.

Here is the article for the 2017 52-week challenge capturing the Excel file and explanation of the different scenarios:

I dare you to take the 52-week challenge with us. 🙂

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