The Courage to Pursue Unchartered Waters & Unknown Paths

The Courage to Pursue Unchartered Waters & Unknown Paths

It started in August 2019, when I started receiving messages from my Spirit Guides or Angels to have the courage and the will power to dig deeper into my life purpose, to find and live my truth. The Guides will not just talk to me but use other people or use situations to convey their messages.

But was I listening to them? No, not really. Because I was scared of what I will learn and find out about myself. I was also scared because of the over-thinker that I am was asking so many questions like “Why ME?”, “How?”, “Where’s the manual containing the step-by-step guide?” and “Can I really do this?”.

It had to take 2 months, a travel to Kuala Lumpur and my curiosity when a friend said he just interviewed John Stamoulos, a Breathworker, for his podcast. He said that John wrote a book and I really wanted to know his journey of discovery and learning about healing.

I immediately downloaded a sample of his book in Kindle and started reading, ignoring the seminar I was attending as a reviewer. My friend was even telling me to focus on the seminar and to read later but I was captivated by the book which captured his story of losing everything and starting a new career as a Breathworker.

After lunch, I checked his website which had a very powerful affirmation meditation that blew me away. Because of that amazingly beautiful meditation experience, I signed up for the group Breathwork activity. I also decided to buy the book in Kindle to read it in full and just stay in the room. I felt that what I had to learn in the seminar was enough and it was time to focus on a different kind of learning.

On the last day in KL before leaving for SG, I attended the Group Breathwork session. During the session as energy surged through my body, I felt the need to share with others this wonderful feeling of being alive. Afterwards I felt peace or at peace. A realization dawned on me that I received somehow a validation and an injection of courage. I felt a sense of empowerment that compels me to help others, awaken their consciousness and help them in whatever way I can to heal them(selves).

By writing this blog, I am expanding my comfort zone and stepping into the courage zone. But yes, I must admit, there is a feeling of anticipation as well as fear. I am still a human being after all. But once the fear comes to my mind I acknowledge it and I “remove” the fear, transmute it into love and let it go. Replacing it with the thought “Trust the process.”

Find a quiet space, play soft music and ponder on these Reflection Questions:
1. Where is it in my life that I need courage?
2. What is my true purpose in life?
3. What and Who do I need to give up or let go as I pursue my true purpose in life?

Follow this up with a Courage Affirmation:
I give myself permission to go forth and live my passion.

You can use this Affirmation on a daily basis at the start of each day to give you courage and motivation.

You can write your thoughts and reflections in a Journal that you can look and read when you are feeling down or need a push or motivation in the right direction.

How did the Reflection and Affirmation make you feel? Share if you have any insights or learnings or aha moments.

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