Update as of 2nd March: ‘Bulig Tacloban’ Outreach Program

Update as of 2nd March: ‘Bulig Tacloban’ Outreach Program

Time flies so fast.  A few months back we were hoping and praying that we will be able to achieve the 140,000Php target amount for the 8th March outreach program in Tacloban for the benefit of the Typhoon Yolanda victims.  We had a few setbacks because of the price increase for the pedicabs but still we were fortunate enough to get 5 pedicabs as the manufacturer have yet to resume operations after the typhoon.

It was a very ambitious amount to target but Bro surprised us.  We did not just meet the target amount but even surpassing it.  Now, we can have a surprise for the chapel.  🙂

Everything is falling into place like pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fitting nicely to each other and slowly you will see the puzzle taking shape.

Now, it is 2nd of March and I just can’t contain my excitement.  This is the first time I will be travelling to the Philippines without passing by Manila and going home with intention of joining the outreach program and nothing else.

Just to give you a snapshot of our itinerary:

We are flying off on 6th March from SG to Cebu arriving there early in the morning to buy the stuff for the outreach and go around Cebu City.

Next day we will be flying from Cebu to Tacloban.  We will be meeting up with volunteers from Manila, namely, our friend and investor Floi and my parents, together with the parish priest to prepare for the program.  We will also be doing the repacking of the giveaways.

D-Day is 8th March and we will be having the program at 2pm followed by snacks.

I look forward to sharing with you more about the outreach program thru stories and pictures in my next blog or via FB or YouTube.  For now, please join me in a short prayer…

Lord God, we thank you for giving us generous friends, colleagues and relatives.  Thank you for bringing them into our lives.  They have given us the gift of love, friendship and it is a bonus that they also support our outreach programs.  They not only gave us monetary donations but also the gift of time and being physically present for the outreach program. May you continue to bless them so they will continue to be a blessing to others.

We thank you for helping us achieve our target.  We thank you for giving us this opportunity to help the Typhoon Yolanda victims to start anew.  We pray that with the 5 pedicabs we donate, they will be able to buy more pedicabs in order to help more people.

I pray for the safe journey of the outreach volunteers from Manila/Singapore to Tacloban.  I pray for good weather on the day of the event.  I pray for the safe travel of the outreach program participants and beneficiaries from their homes to the venue.  I pray that we inspire the beneficiaries and give them hope because as the saying goes, “every cloud has a silver lining.”

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill

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