Workshop + Vacation = Mixing Biz with Pleasure

Workshop + Vacation = Mixing Biz with Pleasure

I planned my vacation for Holy Week in Sept 2016 and I purposely chose a flight on the Friday before Holy Week just in case I will be able to find a seminar over the weekend or I will have time to meet up with friends especially virtual friends that I have yet to meet but I interact with a lot in FB.

It was just fitting that I saw a workshop called “Let’s Get Down To Business” in end Feb that just supplements the Ateneo Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship (LSE) Program Singapore (LSE47) that I have signed up for and the class also started only in 18th Feb.

The ““Let’s Get Down To Business” workshop was a half day workshop held last 7th Apr at Launchpad Coworking, Commercenter Building, Alabang and the speaker was Francis Miranda.

I really liked the workshop for the following reasons:

1) The energy and the passion of Francis was contagious and infectious that makes you believe that anything and everything is possible.

2) The workshop was delivered in a way that is simple to comprehend that does not scare newbie entrepreneurs with the technical jargons that might overwhelm us.

3) The structure of the workshop and the workbook that makes the participants really spend time to think about their business idea and at the same time share their ideas so Francis and the other participants can also provide feedback or suggestions, although informally as it was done during breaks, which we may not have ever thought of.

4) The action planning using SMART goal-setting and being self-aware of our strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative attitudes and beliefs as they can be our great ally or worst enemy.

5) It gave us an opportunity to network and learn about other participants’ businesses or business ideas which may lead to a potential tie-up for future projects.

I look forward to the succeeding workshops on the marketing aspect and financial aspect to complete the full circle as we prepare our business plans.  Hopefully, I will be able to fly back to attend the workshops.

I just wished that the other participants were more vocal because the workshop is all about them, they invested their money in paying for the workshop and being there not to only learn from the speaker but also getting potential feedback on their idea which I think is the biggest gift in the workshop.  It helps to have a sounding board or get expert advice on your idea because of their knowledge or expertise they can add suggestions or challenge your idea to make you tweak it to become better.

As future entrepreneurs, we need to get out of comfort zone and be out there to converse and mingle with other participants who can be our future potential partners, customers or links to a bigger network. I am saying this not only to the other participants but also to myself as it is not my natural personality to be mingling, doing small talk but this is how we will become successful in the future, whether as an entrepreneur or employee.

At the end of the day, the reason I am going for these kinds of learning programs or workshops is to really get out of my comfort zone and push myself beyond the thinking that entrepreneurship is not meant for me and I look forward to the creative and technical expertise of the batch 1 and 2 attendees.  Cheers to our success, as we embark on our journey to entrepreneurship! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Workshop + Vacation = Mixing Biz with Pleasure

    1. So true Mico. Before writing this blog, I spent some time brainstorming on my biz plan and sent it to Francis for feedback before we all go and take a break for the observance of Holy Week. Aja aja 😊

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