You Are Your Greatest Enemy

You Are Your Greatest Enemy

Most of the time, we think that other people are our greatest critic, competitor, rival and judges.  But let’s see.  Try and stay with me till the end of this post.  Just keep an open mind even for a while.

How do you feel when your boss reads your report and makes a lot of comments and corrections that seemed 80 percent of the things and data you put in the report are trash?

How do you feel when your wife keeps nagging you to make things tidier, put up the toilet seat or press the toothpaste at the end and not just anywhere?

How do you feel about a teacher giving you failing marks on a project and doesn’t even give you points to recognize your efforts?

I can imagine that a lot of emotions are coming up like anger, resentment, disappointment, feeling useless, among others.  A lot of insecurity will come up and all this impacts our heart – ultimately feeling unloved and unappreciated.

But if these people are giving us these emotions, it’s okay because you know what?  It is still better because we don’t spend 100% of our time with them.

Imagine if this is how you talk to yourself, “I am stupid.  I am worthless.  I am a failure.  I don’t deserve love.  I am dumb.”  It sounds absurd but is it really?  This trash talk to one’s self is non-stop, 24×7, 100% negativity then how do you think this will impact you?

Are you what you are today because of the way you talk to yourself?

Yes, you can go on blaming others – your parents, your teachers, your siblings, your friends, your bosses, your peers, your neighbors.

But do yourself a favor and stop with this victim mentality because it is not doing you any good nor helping you.  At some point, all this negativity will manifest in your body through illness or dis-ease.  You can check out Louise Hay’s books “You Can Heal Your Life” and “Heal Your Body” where she talks about emotional issues and how is it manifested in your body.

Instead, take back your power and control your life.  It all starts with being accountable for our life, of what we can control and influence.

Fill your mind with gratitude, compliments for yourself and your life and positive affirmations.  Ask yourself about your life purpose.  Ask the Universe to help you live and fulfill it.

Take my word for it.  You’ll be amazed at how your life will radically change just by becoming more self-aware and changing your mindset from being your own worst enemy to being your own best champion or cheerleader.

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