2018: A New Chapter

2018: A New Chapter

This year marks a new chapter in my life – giving up my expatriate life (or more commonly called OFW life) to go back home for good after almost 11 years of working overseas and giving up corporate life which evolved around Supply Chain and Manufacturing Industry to pursue my passion and try my hand in freelancing and entrepreneurship focusing on financial literacy, events organizing, life coaching, writing, and putting up our Therapy Center for Special Needs in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental.

Effective 1st January 2018, I have officially taken on the title of CEO of my own life, whether I make it or not is based solely on me.  I am filled with mixed emotions both good and bad which keeps me balanced and grounded.  I feel excited for the future of uncertainty  which is really a big deal for a person who has a DISC profile of “High C”.

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Don’t get me wrong.  It is not all rosy, I do have doubts and I have fears like fear of failing and disappointment or not being good enough or worse depleting my resources earlier than planned.

But I guess my desire to try it out and pursue what I want to do is a big mover in my decision to try this out.  I am not getting any younger and I do not want to have regrets so I have made a decision to take the plunge into the world of freelancing and entrepreneurship.

The other factor is also family – my parents are getting older and even with the Internet there is nothing that beats human interaction, communication and touch and I want to spend as much as I can with not just my parents but also with my siblings and their families.  It is time to re-establish connections and get to know them again like their favorite food, color and all those questions you see in autograph books or slum books.

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Get in touch with me if you want to pursue a project together like a training or seminar or outreach program or you need an events organizer or life coach and I’ll be more than happy to explore projects and provide services that you need. 🙂

Congratulations to the brave ones who take a giant leap of faith to pursue their passion, dreams, and aspirations to make it a reality.


If you want to more about DISC profile in order to understand yourself and how you can relate with others, please go to the link.

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