What Salve Said Touched My Heart

What Salve Said Touched My Heart


I just got home after attending a very successful “TGFI SG: Investors Boot Camp” where they invited highly respected speakers who talked about investing topics:

1. Strategic Asset Allocation by Jess Uy, Wealth Planner
2. Stocks Analysis by Jay Peñaflor, founder of Investalk.ph
3. Value Investing by Salve Duplito, RFP, ANC On The Money’s Resident Financial Advisor

Salve was the last speaker and left a lasting impression in my mind and heart.  At the beginning of her talk she talked about her roots and the defining moments during her childhood that made her realize that her family is poor and inspired her to strive and work hard for a better life.  As she was telling her story, I felt tears welling up in my eyes.  She really touched a chord in my heart.

Like her, when I was a child I thought I came from a family that was “rich” because we lived in a Barangay were most of the kids went to a nearby public school while I and my brothers were privileged enough to be going to a private school because of our parents who made their dream of giving us a good education a reality.

Some of my neighbors are even complimenting my parents for the sacrifices they were doing in order to send us to good schools.  I didn’t know most of our neighbors as growing up I had limited interaction with them but they knew me as the kid who was going to the private school in Katipunan.

But in school, it was a different matter.  It was like getting a reality check and it’s a difficult pill to swallow when you were just in grade school.  I remember that time when the latest fashion was a rubber shoe with no shoelaces and was replaced by Velcro.  I can’t remember the high end brand that my classmates were using but I distinctly remember mine – “Mighty Kid”, a local brand.

When the shiny charol shoes became the in thing, good thing there was cheap version being sold in SM.  I don’t know if you remember the Chinese white dragon fly rubber shoe which also became famous which thank God was affordable.  What about the white Tretorn shoes?  I got a good deal in Greenhills, though now looking back I am not sure if it’s original or class A, and I maintained the shoes’ whiteness by using Sensodyne toothpaste that my Dad keep sending from overseas that nobody like to use?

This is just to name a few but I guess you know by now, this was the start of my love affair with shoes and a promise to myself to finish my studies, find a good job in order to have a good life and be able to buy things I want.  In a way, I am thankful to my Mom who limited my interaction with my neighbors.  This helped me to be exposed to the life of the privileged, the rich and famous and fueled my hunger to be successful in the future.

The funny and ironic thing is I got sidetracked and just kept on spending my hard earned money on wants and night outs that left me living paycheck to paycheck.  I focused on buying the things I want but forsaking planning for the future.  It was only in 2012 when I started saving and investing and educating myself financially by attending seminars and reading books.

But then looking back, if I heard about financial literacy seminars earlier before I was mentally ready I think I would have ignored the invites from friends.  Now, I even go to the extent of actively seeking and attending seminars to enrich me like last year I attended Bo’s Wealth Summit and National Achievers Congress.  This year I am also looking forward to investing in seminars or books which will help me in my profession like Supply Chain modules and leadership book.

What about you?  What was the defining moment in your childhood that inspired you to strive hard and succeed in life?  Do you invest in educating yourself re financial literacy?  What about learning things to be better in your profession?

Kudos TGFI, TGFI SG and TGFI Officers and Volunteers for the successful seminar!  May you continue to inspire and touch more people.

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