New Life, New Challenges

New Life, New Challenges

Embarking on this new chapter of my life – pursuing freelancing and entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park especially as I have been an employee in the Corporate world for the longest time and spending the last 11 years overseas.

It’s been 3 months.  I am still in the process of adjusting to being home and this new “job”.


So far, it has not been easy and these are the 3 challenges I have faced so far:

1. The reality of not getting a monthly paycheck – It is a huge difference to not expect a monthly paycheck and if I don’t do actual work or get clients then I will not get paid.  While in the Corporate world, you can opt not to give your 100% but still get paid. 

Now, I really need to put extra effort to promote myself, my services and my company because people will not know your quality of work or high standard of work or good work ethics.

2. Missing the lunch buddies and our gossip time – Lunch time was a time to just relax from the grind of working and is our time to gossip or to browse FB or do online shopping.  Now, my lunch time is not fixed as it depends on my meeting and time I wake up. 

Also, if I want to gossip or vent out about challenges I am facing I need to find other freelancers or entrepreneurs as my friends who are employees will not be able to relate to my stories of challenges and successes.

3. Too flexible time to the point of mismanaging time – This is one area I am having a big challenge especially I don’t have an office area at home and add to that equation 2 kids then work output is at an all time low. 

I remember during the first few days in this new “job” I was binging on sleep and just lazing around and after that I felt guilty of not doing any work. 

I need to establish a routine, start using again my calendar to block off for work or activities to do and set my weekly/daily goals in order to have plans and a feeling or sense of achievement at the end of the day or week.

I am sure that there will be more challenges that I will face which may be very different to the challenges I faced in the Corporate world and one trait that will be very useful during these times is to learn how to adapt, the need to learn how to dance with the music – to adjust your step as the music and tempo changes.

I am curious to know your story and challenges, if they are same as mine – share with me your stories and let’s swap learnings. 🙂

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  1. That’s so great that you are your own boss. I hope to get to the point of being a full-time blogger. For now, it is a “side hustle” while I go to school part-time online and work full-time as a pastry chef!

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