3 Sure Fire Ways to Become Rich

3 Sure Fire Ways to Become Rich

Yes, there are 3 sure fire ways – 100% guaranteed to enjoy Financial Freedom.

And yes, I did say guaranteed but it will not be easy and fast. 

If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme then this is not for you.

But if you are looking for a sustainable, long-term and proper money management then continue reading on.

Here are the 3 Ways:

1. Create a dreamboard and a plan to execute it.

Just creating your dreamboard will not bring you riches and money.  This is just the start.  This will be the compass that will guide you.  It’s your GPS to wealth, success and financial freedom.

It is a visual representation that should be displayed in your bedroom, your office desk heck even your bathroom.

It is a snapshot of your big goals and supplement it with your why so the how to achieve this will become easier.

To know more about creating your dreamboard, attend the DreamBoard Workshop on Sept 29 at 10am-4pm in Quezon City.  Sign up by going to this link: http://bit.ly/DreamBoard2018

2. Build the discipline of saving.  Practice it until it becomes second nature to you.

Learn how to differentiate between wants and needs. 

Assess an item if you can buy it and if you should buy it. 

Is the item in your dreamboard?

If yes, did you indicate a timeframe you should buy it?

If you buy this, how will this impact your dreams, your goals?

Example: Will buying a second-hand car mean delaying your plans of going home for good or delaying your plans of buying your dream home (or at least use the money to buy the car for the down payment of your dream home)?

Practice delayed gratification but be careful to strike a balance.

Do not go anal to the point of depriving yourself and your family example a family trip that serves as a stress reliever for you and also a time to bond and reconnect with family. 

I made that mistake before and it made me unhappy, stressed and burned out.  The family trip need not be expensive or if it is expensive then plan and save for it and ask the family members to pitch in.

3. Have multiple sources of income.

Do not rely on a single source of income.  Job security is a thing of the past.  As Simon Sinek mentioned in his book “Leaders Eat Last”, our society has been used to the concept of disposable – diapers and even people hence the birth of retrenchment or redundancy.

It took me a while to understand this as I was exposed to financial literacy very late.  But for the past 8 months, I have been struggling in my startup company Made4U Events and also adjusting being back home.  But since Jan, I have been blessed with investment returns that average 10k Php/month.  Yes, it is not a lot, but at least I am reaping some benefits from my investments and it eases the pressure from my shoulder in a way so that I can focus on establishing myself as a freelancer/entrepreneur/life coach/event professional/speaker/writer and building relationships and network.  This is not an easy feat because I have been based overseas for 11 years and I am doing something that is very different from what I did in the corporate world.

A graphical example of possible multiple sources of income:

Good luck in your journey to financial freedom.

If you want to get training in proper money management or you need a life coach or event professional, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at wengfeliciano@yahoo.com or made4uevents9@gmail.com.


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